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Wavemaker Labs is a food automation and robotics-focused venture studio that funds and builds technology driven solutions. We created a handful of new brands across high-growth, experiential dining formats (pizza, boba tea, fine dining, etc) that memorably capture Wavemaker’s innovative spirit, expertise and disruptive AI technology.

For us, food is emotional. So we believed it was critically important to imbue these intelligent and efficient robots with humanity and friendliness. In each brand creation, we leaned into our central belief in the ‘soulful engineer’ core DNA of the proposition to drive our ideation and design process.

our role

Brand Positioning
& Identity
Visuals & Voice

We concepted and created Piestro, a fully-automated, freshly prepared, pizza kiosk brand, including the brand name and the full suite of brand identity assets — logo, color palette, typography, photography, and core messaging.

To date, Piestro has raised $580 million and established a partnership with 800° Go Pizza with plans for over 3600 locations globally.

Piestro product design
Piestro packaging design

A new brand developed in partnership between Piestro and leading artisanal pizza brand, 800°, we developed the full 800° Go brand identity, leveraging 800° Pizza quality and expertise and the disruptive innovation of Piestro to deliver the world’s best tasting robot-crafted pizza—coming to a kiosk near you!

800Go product design
800Go packaging design

We created Nommi, a ‘gourmet bowl’ concept featuring global flavors and dishes, including the brand name, logo and fully visual identity. Nommi has partnerships in place with iron Chef Morimoto and the iconic luxury hospitality brand SBE and is expanding to 1,000 global locations.

Nommi brand assets
Nommi brand assets

From concept to brand guidelines, we created Bobacino, the first Boba tea robot brand, including the name, logo and full visual identity. The global Boba market is rapidly growing at 128% annually and projected to be $4.3B by 2028. Our Bobacino concept is in the early stages of its rollout, and leans into a modern and youthful brand aesthetic that reaches across cultures.

Bobacino brand assets
Bobacino product design


Post-petroleum pioneers animating new materials and outdoor products with microalgae.

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Impacting the world by making real, 100% plant-based seafood.

Baruch Future Ventures

A fresh coat of paint for an icon in the Climate Tech VC space.

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