leading the plant-based revolution

Real food, big impact

Creators of innovative, sustainable and healthy food, ISH is on a mission to transform our food system and how we eat, one plant-based meal at a time.

Focused on making real, 100% plant-based seafood that makes a big impact on the world, we worked hand-in-hand with the ISH founders and team of food scientists, nutritionists and award-winning chefs to evolve the brand. The updated communication strategy, messaging and newly refreshed website are built to attract retailers and customers alike.

We’re thrilled to work with this regenerative company who’s dedicated to transparency and inspiring a better world with a plant-based approach to seafood.

our role

Brand Positioning
Messaging Strategy
Brand Development
Creative Content Development
Website Design + Development
ISH Foods homepage, featuring 100% plant-based seafood impact, products and recipes.


Post-petroleum pioneers animating new materials and outdoor products with microalgae.

Baruch Future Ventures

A fresh coat of paint for an icon in the Climate Tech VC space.

Epoch BioDesign

Designing the world’s first plastic-eating enzyme.

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