making the planet better with biology

natural solutions to unnatural problems

Epoch BioDesign is a London-based company on a mission to conquer our biggest climate challenges with biology. Creators of the world’s first ‘tuneable’ enzyme that transforms plastic waste into everyday biodegradable chemicals, this solution is the first of many ways Epoch envisions scaling and industrializing biology to preserve and improve our planet.

We concepted and created the Epoch brand from inception—naming, positioning, logo and brand identity, copywriting, collateral, photography, and website design and development. It was inspiring to work closely with their unique team of co-founders, led by industry veterans and a visionary 21 year-old CEO and together create a powerful new brand.

our role

Brand Positioning & Strategy
Brand Development
Creative Content Development
Web Design + Development
Epoch website redesign
 Epoch lab window design
Epoch conference room window design
Epoch conference room window design


Post-petroleum pioneers animating new materials and outdoor products with microalgae.

ISH Foods

Impacting the world by making real, 100% plant-based seafood.

Baruch Future Ventures

A fresh coat of paint for an icon in the Climate Tech VC space.

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