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Unlocking the power of personal protein patterns

From the bold vision of Anu Thubagere, Google X Moonshot Prospector and Caltech PhD proteomics expert, iuno features an innovative skincare protocol using biological data to formulate and deliver truly individualized personal care and wellness solutions.

Working closely with Anu and her team, we created an authentic brand architecture and positioning focused on ‘genuine individuality.’  Together, we charted a mission to equip humans with a deeper understanding of their biology and the tools to become better versions of themselves—shifting the fulcrum of the personal care industry ‘from mass to me.’  The name ‘i-uno’ and branding choices all stem from this core idea.

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Brand Strategy & Positioning
Naming & Visual Identity
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Ampoule product branding


Post-petroleum pioneers animating new materials and outdoor products with microalgae.

ISH Foods

Impacting the world by making real, 100% plant-based seafood.

Baruch Future Ventures

A fresh coat of paint for an icon in the Climate Tech VC space.

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